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February 13 to March 29, 2003
Sandy Walker exhibited four woodblock prints at the Kala Art Institute Gallery in Cuts: The Contemporary Woodcut. This exhibition offered an in-depth view of how artists continue to reinvent this centuries-old technique. Artists from around the world were represented, including William Wiley, Karen Kunc, Harry Clewens, and Barbara Foster.

>> Kala Art Institute
January 2003
The Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick, Maine, added the Judith Suite to its permanent collection.

>> Bowdoin Art Museum
September 20, 2002 to January 4, 2003
Regarding Mountain/Sky, a portfolio of ten prints in the collection of the New York Public Library, was exhibited In "A Legacy in Landscapes," a group show in the print galleries of the library. The exhibit also included work by Markus Raetz, Alex Katz, and Peter Doig.

>> Nw York Public Library

September 3 to November 2, 2002
The Judith Suite, a set of five woodblock prints, premiered at the Caffe 817 Gallery. The prints are the culmination of over a year of work Sandy Walker did with the artists' model Judith Sims, a local actress and dancer.

March 1, 2002

Sandy Walker's work "Untitled" (2001, graphite on paper, 38" x 25.5") recently appeared in the Spring 2002 issue of the magazine Inquiring Mind, a semiannual journal of the Vipassana community. The issue is devoted to "Revealing the Vision: Art & Dharma".

Sandy's work appears as an illustration accompanying an article "Zen and Improvisational Dance," by dancer and choreographer, Ellen Webb. This is the latest in a long history of collaboration between the husband and wife, including Mountain, Tree, Water, which won an Isadora Duncan Dance Award in 1989.

world trade center, poster October 1, 2001

This poster was created as a memorial to the tragic losses in New York City on September 11. In the early 80's, I lived in the shadow of the World Trade Center and made many drawings there. Before that, I lived on 8th Avenue, where I looked down the avenue from my window to the two towers that I always referred to as the twin peaks.

The poster is being distributed free of charge, and I am leaving stacks in various locations. Anyone with an interest in obtaining a copy may contact me by e-mail. If I ship it, I will ask to be remibursed for the shipping costs.

Life is a confluence of integration and disintegration. My work is an effort to capture a brief moment of balance in the constant shifting of our lives and consciousness.

For a moment we embraced the towers. Now they are gone.

Sandy Walker

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