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" It is Walker's supreme acheivement, finally, to bridge the narrative northern landscape tradition's trancendental yearnings and the French modernist's awareness of the more formal demands of picture-making! " - Katy Kline, Arts Magazine

The paintings represented on this website are a small selection from Sandy Walker's extensive inventory. To view further images or for more information about the work, please email Sandy Walker.

"American Visions: The Paintings of Sandy Walker", an exhibition of large scale paintings from the past thirty years was exhibited at the Ulrich Museum of Art, Kansas, in 2003. A sixty-four page book of color plates accompanying the exhibit is available through the artist.

"Concerning the Forest", the 2009 exhibtion of paintings and drawings by Sandy Walker, is accompanied by a 50 page publication that includes reproductions and an in depth essay by the well known art critic, David Cohen. David is based in NYC and edits and publishes The catalogue is available through the artist.

In the last 10 years, Walker has concerned himself primarily with the merging of moving figures in nature.