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'Humans Being' and 'the Judith Suite' at the Triton Museum of Art

Press release

SANTA CLARA, CA - The essence of human movement and the visual portrayal of the nature of life's energy will be boldly displayed at the Triton Museum of Art in two series of black-on-white woodblock prints by the master printmaker, Oakland-based artist Sandy Walker. In the first series of ten prints, Humans Being 1-10, suggested human forms cavort and twist on massive sheets of paper. The figures are gestural and free-flowing, simplified with the ease of quick stroke Chinese calligraphy that belies the labor intensive process of carving the rendered image from large panels of wood from which the images are then printed. It is the simplification of forms that urge us to see beyond the suggested figures to the energy the figures convey. Movement is implied in the transitory nature of the work. Drips of ink escape the linear bounds of the forms giving one the sense that if not viewed now, the image may dissolve and, like all energy, dissipate.

The Judith Suite is a series of works Walker did with Judith Sims, a model and actress who posed for the artist over the period of a year. The artist drew, capturing Sims's movements as she responded to music played in the studio. The resulting boldly drawn figures are more about the dynamics and grace of the model's dance related movements than a strict portrayal of an individual.

The New Works by California Artists series of exhibitions is made possible through the support of Applied Materials. The Triton Museum of Art is grateful for their continued generosity and community support.

'Humans Being' and 'the Judith Suite' at the Triton Museum of Art

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